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Kasrul Katheer: The Muslim Marketplace


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Qasrul Katheer means the Palace of Abundance. It is a Muslim marketplace where we invite any Muslim with a business, skill or idea to come sell their product. The market is intended to act as a forum for supporting upcoming entrepreneurs within the Trinidad and Tobago Muslim community. It doesn't matter which mosque you attend, or which area you are from, you can participate in the market and support your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, while taking advantage of great deals and bargains inshaAllah. Come shop from the widest range of items, at the most affordable prices. Items on sale include hijabs, soaps, bath and body products, cakes, cupcakes, children clothing, Islamic clothing, electronics, vases, plants, food, jewelry, pastries, shoes, cutlery and much much more... Come take advantage of extremely low prices! If you wish to book a booth to sell your products please call (868) 470-7139