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Eye Slam Concert Series 2019: Concert #5


Hosted by Slam 100.5fm

Eye Slam Concert #5 Enjoy Guinness at all Eye Slam Concerts. Leave a Creative Comment & Tag Your Friends To Get Listed For FREE! Concert #5 IEyeslam Stage Party on Ariapita Avenue courtesy Frankies Bar, Pub House & Johnny Q sound Company. We block the street from 8pm - midnight. You must be listed to gain entry. 

Featuring: Destra and Bacchanal Band, Iwer George, Erphaan Alves, Nailah Blackman, Sekon Sta, Lil Natty & Thunda, Farmer Nappy, Mr. Killer, Mandella, Swappi, Lil Bits, Kris Kennedy & Mical Teja, Caston Cupid, and Pternsky.

How to get listed:

1. Like the Slam 100.5fm Facebook Page

2. Comment on the Concert Photo that's pinned to the top of the Facebook Fan Page

3. Tag your friends to get listed

4. Slam 100.5FM will send a message to your inbox if you are selected

How to win season passes:

1. Follow Slam 100.5FM on Instagram

2. Post the Eyeslam Concert photo on your IG Page and tag Slam 100.5FM with the hashtag #EyeSlamStageParty

3. Slam 100.5FM will direct message you if you're a winner!


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