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Indian Arrival Holiday Adventure 2019


Hosted by Trips, Tours And Adventures

Take a look at our itenary for exploring Trinidad and send us a message with which day/s you are interested in.

Day 1
Exploring the captial, Port of Spain - $70

Downtown Port of Spain
Port of Spain International Waterfront
National Museum and Art Gallery
Emperor Valley Zoo
Botanical Gardens
Queen’s Park Savannah
“Magnificent Seven” – a group of colonial mansions on the corner of Queen’s Park Savannah, built in 1904
National Performing Arts
Lady Young lookout
Fort George

Day 2
Maracus Bay and beyond - $80

North Coast Lookout
Maracus Bay
Las Cuevas Bay
Tyrico Bay
Fort Abercombery
100 Steps Beach
Marianne Beach
L'anse Martin Beach

Day 3
Chaguramus Adventure $80

Chagaramus Boardwalk/ Beach
Macqueripe Bay
Samman Park
Bamboo Cathedral
Tracking Station hike
Covigne River Gorge
Edith Falls
Zip lining (+ $30 )

Day 4
Maracus St. Joesph Adventure $80

Nature trail
Waterfall with 3 pools
Mount St. Benidict
Mount El Tucuche
Caura River

Day 5
A day of birdwatching $80

Yerrette Home of the Hummingbirds ( +$22 )
Lopinot historical complex
Mariposa Gardens/ Resturant
Asa Wright Center
Caroni Bird Sanctuary ( +$10 )

All prices are in USD. If you have any other places that are in you interested in just let me know and maybe we can add it in if it's in close proximity. 



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