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Cure Appreciation Cooler Cruise


(((Cure Family))) "APPRECIATION" for our loyal patrons is coming out to celebrate Levy "Fastermoney" Long's Birthday, and also in commemoration of those who have supported us from the very beginning ... So this rounds, it's Bigger, Better, Bolder, MAXIMUM!!!! We never disappoint, and as a token of our "Appreciation" for you this second time around, we would be leaving you with a gift to always remember this auspicious occasion. Don't let time pass you by to get your Limited Advanced Ticketed His & Her Watches (with NO EXCUSE of Tardiness/Punctuality). These said Tokens ARE NOT TO BE OPENED until the day of the event to gain entry. Contact Information: Levelle "Fastermoney" Long - 798-4379 // BBM : 291E147C Anthony "Bulk" Thompson - 687-2873 // BBM : 2827F6CA