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Directors: Sarah Voss, Sander Snoep 2010, The Netherlands Dutch and Papiamentu, with English subtitles Documentary feature / 75 minutes T+T PREMIERE THE AWFUL LEGACY of colonialism pervades this clinical, unflinching and at times shocking portrait of Curacao, formerly a territory of the Netherlands. This is a place of apartheid-recalling separation, where wealthy white expatriates live and play in luxury, while locals work as servants or low-level employees for Dutch-owned companies. Slavery-era texts narrated over contemporary images of the island provocatively suggest the unstated: the past, in a new form, is very much alive here. Fri 21 Sept, 3.30pm, UWI, Institute of Critical Thinking Sat 22 Sept, 3.00pm, Little Carib Theatre Tue 02 Oct, 3.00pm Little Carib Theatre