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Annual Alternative Comedy Festival 2013


Featuring Learie Joseph | Errol Fabien | Wendell Etienne | Hott Mouth Granny | The Saint | Cyclops | Kenneth Supersad | Marc Trinidad | Crazy Catholic Crew | Jean Paul | Guyana's King Chow Pow | Hot Like Fire Delores | George Gonzalez | Dr Chong Ke Ting | Kunts Landing 6 Big Shows . Friday 15th Feb 2013 at Arima Velodrome at 8pm . Saturday 16th Feb 2013 at Centre Point Mall at 8pm . Sunday 17th Feb 2013 at Grand Stand, QPS at 6pm . Friday 22nd Feb 2013 at Guaracara Park at 8pm . Saturday 23rd Feb 2013 at Centre of Excellence at 8pm . Sunday 24th Feb 2013 at Image Simplex (Princes Town) at 6pm For a Limited Time Get $50 off all tickets General $150 Special Reserve / Open VIP $245 VIP $285 Cleves-POS; Cache-POS, Trincity Mall, Gulf City, Westmall; Xtra Foods-Grand Bazaar, Arima, Chaguanas; Crosbys-St James; Hingoos Travel-San Juan; Disco Mart (formerly Foodmasters)-Tunapuna; Michelles-Arima; Economy Supermarket-Sangre Grande; Laxmi Jewellers-High Street, San Fernando; Fen Mohammed-Marabella; Petrotrin Sports Club-PaP; Persad Supersad-Princes Town; Persad D Food King-Pt Fortin, New Grant, Rio Claro; Tyre Clinic-Couva; Praimsinghs-Chaguanas; Stop & Shop-Siparia; Sona Jewellers-Penal; MS Foodcity-Debe


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