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Valencia Eco Resort

(868) 394-5041; (868) 731-6774;
Cumaca Road, Valencia

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Details - Valencia Eco Resort

Valencia Eco Resort is one of a kind in the World. It is situated on 10 acres of land in Valencia, Trinidad & Tobago and consists of Cabanas, Outdoor Cooking Sheds (Carrot Sheds include gas tank, ring stove, table, chairs, sink, water and electricity), a Multi-purpose Hall & Kitchen, a Gym, a Playing Field (Cricket, Football, Basketball & Table Tennis), a River, a Pool, a Butterfly Farm (with over 300 local varieties), a Fish Farm, Greenhouses, all the Fruit Trees of the Caribbean (with 95 varieties) and a variety of birds and animals. We also engage in Solar Water Heating, Composting and 100% Recycling.

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