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La Soledad

622-6652; 684-1738;
EP 192 Royal Road, Maracas, Saint Joseph

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Details - La Soledad

La Soledad was originally a 25 acre cocoa and coffee estate Old Spiers Estate. Nestled in Maracas Valley, the estate faces the Northern Range, with a birds eye view of El Tucuche, the second highest peak in the Northern Range.

The original structures on the property were an old estate house which was rebuilt 40 years ago and is now the villa. There were also four cocoa houses, with the largest being the only surviving one which is actually 126 years old.

La Soledad has now been converted to a rustic outdoor and indoor multi purpose event venue and resort with several facility and guest capacity options:

1. Villa - consists of four bedrooms including a large bridal suite and dressing…

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