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Old Hilarians' All Inclusive Carnival Fete 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014
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Details - Old Hilarians' All Inclusive Carnival Fete 2014

It’s the 18th Annual Old Hilarians All Inclusive Carnival Fete at the Bishop Anstey High School grounds, Abercromby St., Port of Spain on Saturday Feb 1st from 5 pm to midnight.

As usual, we’ll have spectacular entertainment with the best bands in T&T, as well as special guest stars and DJs.

We always give special treatment to our patrons, and as usual we have many premium bars, including wine and cocktail bars, and a wide array of food for all tastes.

Tickets cost $800 and are currently available from committee members and at 295-3940, 344-2334, 791-8633, 681-2531 and 478-0035, and the Old Hilarians Office at the school, 625-5844.

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