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Jackie Hinkson: 5 Decades of Art

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Details - Jackie Hinkson: 5 Decades of Art

A retrospective exhibition and launch of his memoir "What Things Are True"

“Christ in Trinidad” series 10 - 30 Oct @ Bishop Anstey High School Hall
“Disappearing Architecture” 10 Oct - 7 Nov at the Alma Jordan Library,
West Indiana and Special collections, UWI
An Exhibition of 5 decades of drawings @ Soft Box Art Gallery 13 - 23 Oct
We does Draw: Open drawing Studios 20 + 27 Oct + 3 Nov, 1-5pm @ the Museum
A Reading with the Artist from his Memoir 2012 24 Nov, 12 noon @ the Museum

This show is a retrospective of work produced over fifty years by a Trinidadian artist. After graduating, Jackie Hinkson began teaching at Queen's Royal College. After 16 years of teaching, he went…

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1 Comment for Jackie Hinkson: 5 Decades of Art

This is an excellent exhibition at the National Museum - which places alongside each other Hinkson's work over the 50 years. This enables us to see his evolution from a young talented artist to a mature accomplished master - the works are in several media including his best known medium of water colours. They trace his mastery of light and shadow, of texture and composition, and ultimately his emergence as Trinidad's leading observer of who we are as a people. Hinkson holds up a mirror so we see ourselves clearly, avoiding the bitterness of Naipaul, but with unflinching clarity, directness and occasionally a dry humour. These 50 years were very very well spent and the exhibition is a must-see.
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