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Harts 2013 Band Launch: Je t'aime Carnival

Friday, August 17, 2012
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Details - Harts 2013 Band Launch: Je t'aime Carnival

Well it's that time again, Hart's Band Launch (cooler fete) for our 2013 presentation Je T'aime Carnival has come around. It will be on Friday the 17th August 2012. This year tickets start at $175. The venue is O2 park Chaguaramas,

There will be lots of free booze early in the night as Angostura will have it's RUM SHOTS tent, Absolute will have their COCK TAILS Tent. Jose Cuervo ne
ed I say "TEQUILA" Tent, possibly the most dangerous tent of all. lol Carib will have it's DRAFT BEER tent. Harts Cart, not to be out done, will have it's RUM COCKTAILS tent. All FREE!!

In keeping with the after work lime vibe we will open gates early from 8pm and the…

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