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Elu The Dust Feat. Dereck O.C. Blackman

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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Details - Elu The Dust Feat. Dereck O.C. Blackman

Proud to host a GREAT band - Elu The Dust (Formerly Dominion Status)

Featured special artistes - Sheldon Blackman

Dereck O.C Blackman takes you on a phantasmagorical excursion, exploring enchanted valleys of soulful, emotive Lead Vocals, and tasty Guitar Licks. Kevin Smith/ John Mc Knight, on Bass possesses the ability (by incorporating incessant, infectious Bass lines) to compel you to get up and shake your ass. Josh Schreiber on drums, like a clever magician, can formulate a formidable potion, consistin
g of potent drum beats, that will make you giddy with glee. The musical ecstasy ingested through your ear hole, will translate you to a rarefied plain of perpetual euphoria.


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